Concrete Flatwork

Concrete Flatwork Vancouver

Concrete flatwork refers to any poured surface that moves along a horizontal plane. Flatwork here refers to walkways, patios and flat surfaces. Concrete has become the choice material for flatwork as a result of its ability to form an evenly flat and smooth surface.

Flatwork is created with a frame and a base which is often made with an aggregate rock. The base functions by giving strength to the concrete and prevent cracks from appearing on the surface of the concrete, which could be caused by pressure and age.

To carry out concrete flatwork professionals like us at Concrete Forming Vancouver Inc., we will have to start by creating a function and framing the area where the concrete feature is located. Usually, the frame is made of wood and this frame of wood acts as a mold for the concrete when it is poured. The mold also ensures that the right depth of the concrete is met and ensures that it dries faster and becomes flat.

Usually, the cost of concrete flatwork is a lot higher than that of all other paving materials. These materials include asphalt and the rest. However, it pays off eventually when you consider longevity and stability; they also have low maintenance and replacement needs.

Forms of concrete flatwork include:

  • Sidewalks: Sidewalks are quite common; they are a form of concrete flatwork known by many. Sidewalks are poured into sections and need expansion joints to be placed between them. Sidewalks are finished flat, but they can have a subtle base sometimes. The function of this is to enhance grip and safety when the surface is wet.
  • Driveways: Driveways are built to withstand the huge weight of automobiles. They usually have expansion joints to prevent cracking, and they are formed with a frame. The slope of the driveway determines if a rebar underlay will be used. However, it is common to have a cement driveway in the house as a result of them being formed from the foundation of the home. Concrete driveways are highly cost-effective and can be sealed off with several colored stains to give clients the desired appearance.
  • Patio: We use concrete as materials for constructing a patio because they make a great choice as a result of the finishing, coloring, and sealing you can do. This type of patio is reinforced with either rebar or an aggregate. The use of aggregate brings down the cost of construction. You can also use wood to construct a patio to give it a better appearance, or you can use silicon to give it various patterns. We have lots of patterns that you can choose from, and that can fit any taste. We also have a variety of sealers to pick from when you want to seal the concrete patio and to change the color as well. However, we don’t encourage our client to paint the surface because this will lead to water collecting on the patio surface.
  • Dumpster pads: Dumpster pads are a vital feature of a commercial building nowadays. They need special care to construct. To strengthen them, we make use of rebar; this will allow them to hold heavyweight as well. A dumpster pad should have a drainage system attached to enable easier cleaning and stop water from gathering in the area.

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